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About Accolinecards - handmade card manufacturer

Greeting card manufacturers specializing in handmade craftwork cards based in Thailand. Certified by the Thai Ministry of Labor, Accolinecards produces unique greeting cards under our own copyright as well as manufacturing cards according to copyrighted designs received from our customers. Cards can be manufactured to any size and in any language. We welcome enquiries from greeting card distributors worldwide.

We specialize in the manufacturing of premium handmade greeting cards. Accolinecards co ltd was founded in 1997. A German national, Mr. Hans Menzel has been managing our business from the very beginning.

In 2006 Accolinecards built a new factory, situated in the middle of beautiful rice-fields near Chiangmai, the capital of northern Thailand. The factory is located only 10 miles from the international airport.

Accolinecards understands that maintaining the quality of our handmade cards depends on the skill and experience of our labor force. Our staff are highly trained and have had many years of experience making greeting cards by hand.

Our work practices have been awarded certification by the Thai Ministry of Labor and Welfare, guaranteeing that we are a fair and honest employer.

Our goal is to design and manufacture premier handmade greeting cards of outstanding quality.
We are constantly learning more and more about the development and production of greeting cards every day.

Accolinecards recognizes that we have to modify our card designs, language, and formats to satisfy market needs in different countries. It is our aim to work as closely as possible with our customers' requests.

Moreover, we manufacture cards according to copyrighted designs received from our customers. Accolinecards Co Ltd deeply respects the copyrights on cards from our customers.

Our handmade cards combine western greeting card designs and manufacturing techniques with traditional handicraft methods using only the finest paper, board and materials.

Accolinecards is looking for greeting card distributors, dealers and wholesalers who are interested in selling unique handmade greeting cards.