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Handmade greeting cards – lovely & unique works of art

Accolinecards produces unique handmade greeting cards from our new factory in northern Thailand. Awarded certification by the Ministry of Labor Protection & Welfare guarantees we are a responsible company. Our staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the art of handcrafting greeting cards.

The hand crafting of premier handmade greeting cards is a very difficult and complicated challenge.

The key to success in this personnel intensive business is the welfare of all our employees.

Accolinecards is certified by the Thai Ministry of Labor, Department of Labor Protection & Welfare, for the fulfillment of all labor laws. This guarantees that Accolinecards treats its employees fairly and responsibly.
Accolinecards has employed highly-skilled female craftworkers for over 10 years and possesses an immense amount of know-how and knowledge of many techniques involved in the manufacturing of handmade cards.

Employees go through an intensive training program for at least half a year and are paid per month before they switch to piece-work. Our staff work 8 hours a day, Monday to Saturday according to Thai Labor Laws.
A large number of accessories such as pieces of gypsum plaster, wood, cloth, paper, and decorative wire are further processed in Accolinecards’ factory.

The handmade paper flowers used on our greeting cards are manufactured here in the north of Thailand and are the most intricate and beautiful available.

Materials which are machine-made such as ribbons, pearls, acrylic-stars are all bought from trusted suppliers throughout Thailand.

During the manufacturing of the cards, personnel from the Quality-Control Unit continuously check the quality of the handicrafting so that mistakes can quickly be identified and corrected.

The Quality-Control Unit checks each greeting card at “critical stages” to ensure all handicrafted items are correctly positioned and securely fixed. Then the cards are professionally packed and shipped to our customers overseas.