Accolincards Handmade Greeting Cards - Thailand
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Manufacturing Accolinecards Handmade Greeting Cards

Greeting card manufacturers specializing in handmade cards based in Thailand. Certified by the Thai Ministry of Labor, Accolinecards produces unique greeting cards under its own copyright. We also manufacture cards according to copyrighted designs received from our customers. Cards can be manufactured to any size and in any language. We welcome enquiries from greeting card distributors, dealers and wholesalers worldwide.

Hand crafting greeting cards
Acolinecards' staff are extensively trained to produce premier handmade cards. We use unique materials for our greeting cards. Quality control ensures each card that we export meets high standards.

Hand painting greeting cards
Hand painting greeting cards is a highly skilled and labor intensive process. Our best painters are trained for three years before being able to hand paint all the intricate details on our greeting cards.

Greeting card materials
Materials are sourced from all over Thailand. Combinations of materials are used in our greeting card collection giving our greeting cards a unique and lively look.
Designing greeting cards
Our team of skilled designers - graduates from Chiang Mai University produce our own unique card designs. We also manufacture cards according to copyrighted designs received from our customers.

Machining Operations
Machining operations on our cards enhances the different designs. Accolinecards performs die cutting, hot foiling, and embossing in our factory. CMYK printing and laminating are preformed by local ISO-certified companies.

Accolinecards greeting card collections
With a range of over 1000 greeting card designs, we have beautiful cards for every occasion. The many different materials and techniques used, make each card a little work of art.